Across the World every couple wants to build a family but many of them struggle to conceive and start a family due to infertility. According to various data- 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility.

In today’s scientifically advanced world fertility treatment has improved so well that the couples who were struggling with infertility can easily become parents. IVF is such a modern day technology for helping infertility for parenthood.

What is IVF?

IVF is an advanced form of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) that helps infertile couples to conceive. IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization, where “In Vitro” means in – a dish. It is an artificial process that mimics the natural fertilization process by uniting the sperm and eggs in a petri dish outside the human body which environment is very similar to human body. After the completion of fertilization one or more embryos are transferred to the uterus.

Steps of IVF

  • Ovulation Induction: It is the beginning of IVF treatment. Here you will be given fertility drugs or medicines that will help your body to produce more than just the normal one egg per month. In this transvaginal ultrasounds and blood tests will happen on a regular basis to check the ovaries and to monitor the hormonal level.

  • Egg Retrieval: In this step through a minor surgical procedure that will performed under anaesthesia called follicular aspiration, your eggs will be retrieve through the vagina.

  • Fertilization: After collecting the eggs and sperm they are fused together to create several embryos.

  • Embryo Development: In this step embryos are left to develop over a period of four to five days till they divide and grow into Blastocyst, an optimal stage of development for an embryo.

  • Embryo Transfer: After the embryos reach the blastocysts stage it is transferred to the uterus for implantation through a very fine using a catheter through the cervix. You can choose to cryopreserve your remaining embryos for future use.


  • Pregnancy: The time period between transfer and pregnancy is two weeks and hence after two weeks you can check the result.

  • Follow-Ups: After successful IVF result, regular follow-ups recommended to rule out potential complications.

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