Greetings from Dispur IVF & Fertility Clinic

Ten years ago, when we started the IVF and Fertility Clinic at Guwahati, we were guided by couple of objectives. The top two, I believe would have to be pursuit of the state of the art as scientific professionals and a desire to make the technology accessible to and affordable for the people of the region. I concede that five years are perhaps not a huge footprint on the eventual time line, but these initial baby steps will remain forever the dearest. During this time we have been able to put in place the infrastructure and more importantly, the manpower that promise to take us forward.

The faith our patients have put in us over these years not only encourages us, but also fills us with a deep sense of responsibility. We have good results and it makes me immensely happy to share with you that our take home baby rates averages at around 60% which is at par with the international standards. We hope and strive to maintain and even improve upon our results. Till date it has been a good journey so far. We have come far and throughout, all of you have held us by the hand and led us. We hope you will continue to bless and guide us.